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Houston Eye Associates

Houston Eye Associates

Finding the perfect optometrist professional isn’t always easy. Factors such as experience, quality of service, and reputation are critical and point to the ideal professional for the task. Fortunately, there is a foundation, Houston Eye Associates, right here in Texas, that holds these important qualities.

One of the most well respected eye care providers are the Houston Eye Associates. Having been established in 1971, they have become the go-to provider of the best eye care available.

Let’s peer a bit deeper into this organization to see how your family can benefit from their treatments.

History of Houston Eye Associates

Houston Eye Associates (HEA) is the largest ophthalmology clinic in the United States. With a team of 60 board-certified ophthalmologists with advanced fellowship and specialty training, 18 optometrists and 1 audiologist, HEA works tirelessly to create ground-breaking vision treatments for individuals across Texas.

HEA was founded by physicians with a goal of both researching the components of vision health and donating their skills and time to the Houston Eye Associates Foundation. The off-shoot foundation is non-profit, and has the mission of providing medical eye care to those less fortunate.

HEA provides eye care at over 28 locations throughout Texas.

What They Do

HEA provides a broad range of ophthalmological care but specializes in cornea, retina, glaucoma, pediatrics, oculoplastics, and refractive/LASIK care. They serve individuals of all ages, and utilize advanced technology and research to heal their patients.

While traditional physicians perform routine eye examinations, HEA goes deeper. Eye correction treatments are their top priority and they aren’t hesitant to use a variety of techniques including LASIK to custom contact lenses, and everything in between.


Several of HEA’s eye care professionals hold noteworthy awards from various educational and research organizations. For example, Dr. Elaine G. Thung specializes in adult and pediatric glaucoma comprehensive ophthalmology, but also received recognition via the Chaikoff Award for Research Excellence in Cell & Developmental Biology. Dr. Thung is in excellent company, as several of her colleagues enjoy high honors for their research and work in the field of eye care.

Community Involvement

Perhaps what distinguishes HEA more than anything else is the amount of time and skills their physicians donate to the Houston Eye Associates Foundation. As a non-profit group, HEA provides medical eye care services to those in need along with financial assistance for medical treatments and surgical procedures. It is this work that has won HEA well-deserved praise and prestige from the Texas eye care field.

Houston Vision Plan

At Our Benefits Team, we carry the exclusivity of the Houston Vision Plan which allows you to take advantage of HEA’s incredible service and treatments. As one of the best organizations in the Houston area, we highly recommend HEA and fully support their endeavors to bring advanced eye care to the less fortunate. Use the distinctive attributes of HEA and become a member today!

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