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By Group health insurance company in Texas, Healthcare Consultants

As states and the federal government ramp up activity related to implementation of health insurance exchanges this fall, employers can expect a flurry of guidance on various aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Healthcare Consultants will continue to monitor this activity and inform our customers of changes that affect our product offerings. Recently, the Department of Labor (DOL) provided guidance on employers’ obligations to provide ACA-related information to employees. Our Client Management Teams stand ready to discuss your responsibilities during this transitional time. Does your current broker have the necessary education and resources to insure that you are compliant?

We provide employers fresh and innovative ideas for creating superior employee benefit solutions while keeping the focus on reducing cost. We offer an entire portfolio of group and individual benefits to include medical, dental, vision, LTD, STD, Life and Ancillary services. We offer Estate and Business planning along with a complete portfolio of retirement solutions.

At Healthcare Consultants we pride ourselves on becoming an extension of your HR department by helping business owners manage their cost and provide exceptional customer services to include answering all questions regarding benefits and advising of impending changes, assisting with enrollment, and handling all your eligibility and claim issues.

These are some of the ways we can help you save time and money:

  • Installing the health insurance plan and communicating it to your employees
  • Assisting with claim problems that the employee or employers may have
  • Assisting with the addition or deletion of employees
  • Guiding you through continuation or COBRA concerns
  • Providing a yearly review and market analysis
  • Providing on-line access to your company’s entire insurance plans

With the accompanying AOR copied to your letter head, you authorize current vendors to recognize Healthcare Consultants as your insurance agency.

There are no set up fees or enrollments required. From the point you name Healthcare Consultants as your Agent of Record, you will have the most effective benefits firm in Texas working for you at no additional cost. It would be our pleasure to welcome you as new client. For those of you that have been our loyal client over the years, I thank you for your continued trust and confidence.

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