Group Dental Insurance Plans

Group Dental Insurance

A frequently overlooked reason for employee absences or poor work performance is dental disease or discomfort. And as every human resources professional knows, days lost can mean money lost. In addition to promoting oral health, a quality group dental insurance plan can aid in the recruitment and retention of employees. Dental benefits are consistently cited as one of the most sought after employee benefits.

Ask yourself the following questions before selecting a new dental insurance plan:

  1. Will employees retain the freedom to choose their own dentists?
  2. Is the type of treatment determined by the patient and the dentist?
  3. Does the plan cover diagnostic, preventive and emergency services? Will it cover preventive services such as sealants and fluoride treatments, which may save patients money in the future? Will it provide for full-mouth x-rays?
  4. What type of routine dental care is covered? Does the plan cover crowns and bridges, braces, root canals, oral surgery and treatment of periodontal diseases?
  5. What major dental care is covered? Does the plan cover dentures, implants or treatment for TMJ disorders?
  6. Will the plan allow for referrals to specialists? If so, will the dentist be limited to a list of specialists from which to choose?
  7. How does the plan provide for emergency treatment? What provisions are made for emergency care when you are away from home?

There are numerous models of dental plans. In general, they can be divided into two categories: fee-for-service and managed care.

Fee-for-Service Dental Insurance Plans are typically freedom-of-choice arrangements under which a dentist is paid for each service rendered according to the fees established by the dentist.

Managed Care Dental Insurance Plans are cost containment systems that direct the utilization of health care by a) restricting the type, level and frequency of treatment; b) limiting the access to care; and c) controlling the level of reimbursement for services.

Healthcare Consultants can assist you in setting up a Group Dental Insurance Plan as part of an overall benefits program for your firm. Please call Healthcare Consultants at 713-626-2838 or use our contact form.

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