Is wellness the answer? Yes and No

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Wellness is more important to people than ever.

Talented employees are even using it as a guide on their job hunt. But are company fitness challenges really enough? Are you, as an employer, really doing all you can to keep top level talent at your company by offering fitness groups?
While wellness training does have a role to play in your company, group health insurance offers employees peace of mind no matter what. Let’s take a closer look at each these offerings, and see what employees think of them.

Why Employees Like It

Employees today are looking for a sense of community where they work. They want to feel supported, cared about and looked after. Wellness programs are often a huge bonus for these employees. In fact, some two thirds of American companies offer some form of wellness program.
While it’s indisputable that walking challenges improve fitness for employees, it’s difficult to see how these programs are more beneficial than core health insurance benefits, and employees agree.
The Role Health Insurance Plays Some companies use wellness programs to hopefully curb their health insurance costs. After all, they should be making employees healthier, right?

Not so fast.

Preventative health care is still the number one factor in reducing death from illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Employees cannot benefit from preventive care if they don’t have adequate insurance coverage. It seems that wellness programs, at a minimum, should be offered as an afterthought to better health insurance coverage.
Offer Both!
If you can’t decide which to offer your employees, why not offer both? Periodic wellness programs can work wonders at boosting morale and improving employee health. Group health insurance provides a desirable alternative to those who need more than training. Using both may very well be the best option for your company.

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