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The main reason for term life insurance is to provide income replacement to your beneficiaries when you pass.

Simply, term life insurance provides death-benefit protection for a specified period of time (for instance, you might buy a policy that has to be renewed in 5 years). Generally speaking, if you’re looking for coverage for a short period of time, term life makes more sense.

Determine how much term life insurance you need

How much life insurance you need is a very personal decision. A general rule of thumb is that you should have at least six times your annual income in life insurance. But in determining what is best for you, you’ll also want to consider other obligations you may have and whether or not you want to have them completely or partially paid for upon your death. Such expenses include your mortgage, outstanding debts and future college expenses for your children

One of the many benefits of term life insurance is, depending on your age and the coverage amount, no medical examination is needed. Simply answer a few medical questions online to receive a quote, If you agree that the monthly premium is fair and


How HCI Can Help You with Your Term Life Insurance Needs

  • Help guide you through the planning process
  • Help you determine how much coverage you need
  • Prepare an analysis tailored to your family’s unique needs
  • Find the right life insurance carrier that fits your needs


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